The one thing I’ve missed the most the past year has been being on-the-go. Whether it was class, work, social events, or shopping, I loved going everywhere and doing everything I could possibly do. As life starts to slowly get...
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Hannah Fastov, BA ’12, had tried everything

to keep from carrying an armful of bags to

accommodate her gym-work-post-work events

schedule: lululemon duffels, designer totes, even

regular handbags with plastic grocery bags to

hold her shoes.

“I just couldn’t find a bag that could fit all of

my stuff and keep it organized—and one that

was cute and fashionable,” she says.

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Shouldn't Your Gym Bag Be as Stylish as Your Are?   BY SOPHIE KEMP AND ANNY CHOI   Gym bags don’t necessarily lend themselves to being super-stylish. It’s not a slight—as the vehicle for transporting your running sneakers and yoga pants, a gym...
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