Mother's Day Gift Guide from Good Housekeeping's Executive Editor Meaghan Murphy!

Coming up with the perfect Mother’s Day gift is never an easy task, but thanks to the amazing Meaghan Murphy, who is the executive editor of Good Housekeeping and a frequent co-host on my Sirius XM show, we have a list packed with so many amazing options, that your only challenge will be narrowing it down to just one!

Below is the list Meaghan sent to me just for my EveryGirl squad! =)

10.) Go Dash Dot
This is a cool bag line created by a 26-year-old NYC woman who worked in product development for Brooks Brothers and Rag & Bone. She wanted a bag that could handle her morning gym clothes, laptop and train hustle, so she created Go Dash Dot!


Shop info: Price: varies by bag. 20% off for Mother’s Day. Click Here To Buy

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