How it started

Shortly after graduating from The George Washington University, I moved to New York City and started my career in the fashion industry. I quickly learned ‘adulting’ requires a lot of stuff. After months of searching for ONE bag that could organize everything I needed for a day (gym clothes, spin shoes, phone, wallet, laptop, lunch, etc.) and maintain my professional yet stylish aesthetic, it became apparent that this perfect bag did not exist.

I realized, if I wanted this perfect bag, I was going to have to create it myself. Go Dash Dot was born. 

How did I start working with my mom?

For the first two years, Go Dash Dot was my side hustle. I worked full time at Brooks Brothers then rag & bone. While I worked nights, weekends, and sometimes during the day when I could, my Mom stepped in and handled all our warehousing, shipping and accounting; she even attended a few trade shows for me!  When I was finally ready to take the leap and go full time with Go Dash Dot, I simply couldn’t let go of my best (and most cost effective) employee. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Our mission

Our mission is to create a world where women feel empowered to do all the things that make her feel successful, whatever success looks like to her. 

Specifically, we want to provide women with the tools to tackle her days from a place of strength, with confidence and grace. 

We are dedicated to creating reimagined, versatile designs for totes, backpacks, and small accessories that can keep up with everyone’s lifestyle.  

The Vision

Together, my Mom and I are committed to building Go Dash Dot to be the premier destination for functional fashion based on our core principles of:

Fashion: We’re obsessed with fashion and create classic designs that will stand the test of time, but, of course, with a little twist and a pop of fun. 

Innovation: After years of feeling dragged down by our bags, we are committed to engineering every zipper, seam, and stitch for maximum functionality and effortless style.  

Kindness: Our goal is to create a community where everyone (our customers, employees, vendors, partners) can express themselves and feel respected, which always starts with kindness. 

Philanthropy: We are dedicated to supporting the success of all women beyond the bag she carries. Through our partnerships and RENEW program, we provide women the opportunity to dream big and go far. Our work here has just begun. 

Thank you for stopping by Go Dash Dot. I’d love to hear from you.



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