How to Self Care in the Air

Long-haul flights are a brutal test of physical endurance. But even shorter ones can affect your wellness routine, too. My latest series of 5-hour flights from East to West Coast I deem to be just long enough to start thinking about travel self care.

It is essential to maintain wellness on flights. In anyway you can! Whether it’s the class with the masses or first class, long haul or short haul, preparation is key to a healthy and comfortable flight.

1. Find the right carry-on bag.


Travel self care all begins with the right carry-on bag. This Dash Dot bag allows me to bring all my travel essentials while keeping it light and simple. The right carry-on bag can ease your mind so you can focus on relaxing on your flight – and not be stuck with a sore shoulder. Find a light bag with enough pockets to carry all your survival weapons for the flight.

2. Drinks lots of water.

The atmosphere inside an airplane cabin is incredibly dry. According to the World Health Organization, the humidity is “usually less than 20% (humidity in the home is normally over 30%)”. When humidity is low, mucus in the body, which acts as its natural defence system, dries up. This allows for germs to thrive much more easily.

Therefore, staying hydrated is key for travel self care. But try to bring your own water bottle. An EPA study “found that 1 in every 8 planes fails the agency’s standards for water safety”. Watch the video here to see the whole story.

By bringing your own empty water bottle, you can fill the it with fresh water post-security. There are many hydration stations at airports to fill up at.


3. Pack your own food.


Save money and stay healthy by packing your own travel meal. However, there is some more planning involved when you do this but it’s much healthier to eat your own food on a flight.

If you’d rather have a meal that’s delicious, fresh and catered exactly to your liking, then the only way to do that is to make it yourself. (Unless you happen to be at one of these airports.)

Also, to ensure everything stays fresh, freezing your food beforehand is something I often do. When you open up your sandwich on the plane, it’s not soggy or smelly! Because we know you don’t want to be the person with the stinky food. Here are some great carry-on food packs you can get at airports as well.


4. Prepare an in-flight survival kit.


Now, everyone’s survival kit will be a bit different. But I find that long-haul flights are terribly dehydrating and I can end up looking pretty scary upon arrival. After all, with self care in the air not part of the airline’s routine, you won’t find face masks in the airplane bathroom!

Some essentials to bring with you: Thick Hand Cream Cream; Hydrating Face Mask; Facial Spray; Rose Water Face Mist; Lip Balm; Neck pillow; Silk eye Mask and Toothpaste + Toothbrush.

Those are some of my in-flight essentials for travel self care. I find they work for me and I hope they work for you, too! If you have any other recommendations or suggestions, please feel free to leave any tips in the comment box.


5. Move around as much as possible.


In addition to beautifying yourself, any movement you make will maintain blood circulation and reduce swelling, activate core muscles, and work your body. I usually get out of my seat a couple of times, stand around for a bit, walk, and do as much exercising in my seat as I can.

- Cristina Alcivar 


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