Helloooo Spring!

The one thing I’ve missed the most the past year has been being on-the-go. Whether it was class, work, social events, or shopping, I loved going everywhere and doing everything I could possibly do. As life starts to slowly get back to normal and we start being more on-the-go again, we’ll need a bag to match our post-COVID lifestyle, obviously! :) 

The new mini backpack from our new collection, Ambition, is perfect for those on-the-go moments when you need to grab a couple things in a hurry. However, we all know how hard it is to stay organized when you’re in a hurry (I feel ya sis). But don’t worry! I got you covered on how to use the mini backpack for staying organized while on-the-go.

  1. Class/work

With more in-person classes, I find myself rushing around more than when I used to take class in bed (the good ol’ days). I love taking the mini backpack to class with me as I don’t have to lug a huge backpack around my hill-filled campus. The outside slip pocket perfectly fits my water bottle, I can separate my masks from everything else in the front zip pocket, and I can separate my tablet from my notebooks in the interior mesh pocket!

For all you real-world adults (graduating in May, see you soon), you can take the mini backpack to work too once you go back to the office! Since she’s small, she won’t take up too much room on that subway ride to work (which fellow riders will GREATLY appreciate).



  1. Traveling

I know the one thing we have all missed and are looking forward to the most post-COVID is traveling. The mini backpack is the perfect carry-on. With just enough room for all the essentials, it’ll fit right under the seat in front of you, leaving you and the flight attendant happy. Pro tip: Put your boarding pass (if you’re old school and still like to print it out lol) in the front zip for easy access!


  1. Dog walking

If you’re a dog and outdoors lover like me, you’ll know one of the most therapeutic activities is going for a walk with your pup. However, we all know 9 times out of 10 you forget to bring poop bags and you’re left in a stinky situation (no pun intended). With the mini backpack, you can keep poop bags in their own designated pocket. And don’t forget to designate another pocket for treats!


What are you most looking forward to doing more often when COVID is over? Either way, stay active and stay organized!

Till next time, xoxo.