It's in the Bag

It’s in the Bag

Go Dash Dot

Multiuse (and stylish) bags for the gym

and everywhere else / $88-218

Hannah Fastov, BA ’12, had tried everything

to keep from carrying an armful of bags to

accommodate her gym-work-post-work events

schedule: lululemon duffels, designer totes, even

regular handbags with plastic grocery bags to

hold her shoes.

“I just couldn’t find a bag that could fit all of

my stuff and keep it organized—and one that

was cute and fashionable,” she says.

Fastov started casually asking other ladies

in the gym locker room what kind of bags they

were carrying, figuring other urban women must

be having the same issue. The response was

unanimous: All of them told her they hated

their current bag, but had a ton of ideas

about what would make the “perfect one.”

“I started writing all of these ideas

down, and ended up making a survey

to put on Facebook,” Fastov says.

More than 100 women answered her

questions about what they’d want in

a bag, and about their behaviors and


But even though Fastov had

been working in fashion—in product

development for Brooks Brothers

and, later, Rag & Bone—she wasn’t

sure where to go from there.

“I really saw a hole in the

market, but I didn’t necessarily

want to just make a gym

bag,” Fastov says.

She launched Go Dash

Dot (a play on “go” in

morse code, a language

Fastov says has the same

translatable quality as her

products) in 2016 with the

Infinity Bag, a carry-all

that incorporates much

of the original lockerroom

feedback. It features

compartments for shoes

and laptops, a machinewashable

laundry pouch,

an extra strap for crossbody

wear, and pouches that snap

to the side of the bag, rather than

disappear to the bottom. Plus, it’s stylish.

“Everybody uses the bag for different

things, which is what makes it very versatile.

They’re great for travel, they’re great for new

moms, great for students,” Fastov says. “That’s

been the key to our success—it’s not just

another tote bag. It’s something different and

something useful.”