Go Dash Dot Founder Hannah Fastov Steps In The Bustle Booth

Go Dash Dot Founder Hannah Fastov Steps In The Bustle Booth

By: Audrey Williams

Together, girls are more powerful than ever before. In partnership with PINK GRL PWR, we’re celebrating women who’ve empowered, supported, and inspired their communities. Meet Hannah Fastov, founder of Go Dash Dot, a girl boss leaving her mark on the world and in the Bustle Booth.

Working full-time in fashion as a shoe, handbag, and accessory developer, it only made sense that Go Dash Dot founder Hannah Fastov would go on to start her own bag company. Go Dash Dot started as her side hustle after she got fed up with what she calls the “bagged-down” feeling she got traveling around New York.

“I had just graduated from college, was living in Manhattan, working full time, going to the gym, and going out with colleagues and friends,” she says. “I was always on the go and had a ton of stuff with me. I tried a variety of different types of bags and carrying six bags at once, but nothing seemed to fit my lifestyle.”

Realizing there was space for her to create a bag that would be cute, hold everything, and keep it all organized, Go Dash Dot was born and quickly turned into her main project. To keep up the momentum, she had to learn a lot about being a business owner — and learn it fast. She turned to her mom, her biggest inspiration, for help.

“When I first launched and was 100 percent a one-woman operation, my mom jumped in headfirst with me, doing anything and everything she could to help,” she said. “She always reminds me I am not alone and to take a minute to look back at how far I have come.”

Now, she’s hit her stride as a business owner. Even though it’s a job that never ends, one of the perks of being an entrepreneur is that she can make her own schedule. Another one? All of the amazing feedback on her work.

“The biggest reward is seeing a stranger on the street wearing a Go Dash Dot bag,” she says. “I imagine it is like seeing your child for the first time. It just never gets old!”

Up next for Go Dash Dot are exciting brand collaborations and a new spring collection. Even with all of this, though, Fastov says she gets most excited when she sees other female entrepreneurs carving their own path.

“For me, whenever I’m feeling like I need a little motivation or a reminder that everything will be OK, I listen to other female entrepreneur stories,” she said. “I feel it is now my responsibility to offer that little bit of motivation and support for the next wave of kickass females!”


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