The Infinity bag by Go Dash Dot - The ultimate all-inclusive bag to empower active women

Broadway World Infinity bag review
You've been there. With great intentions, you wake up at 5am, pack up your purse, gym bag, laptop case, grab your lunch bag, and, juggling all with cell phone in hand and yoga mat unrolling under your arm, you valiantly head out the door to work out. I mean, you ARE Superwoman, right? Then after achieving your 10,000 steps and 700 calories burned by 7am, you dig ferociously through your bag to search for your deodorant, throw in your dirty shoes and smelly, sweaty clothes, and rummage for your keys as you run to your car or grab a train with all your bags hanging around your neck and shoulders, hoping you didn't forget anything.
Luckily, Hannah Fastov, founder, CEO and creative director of dash dash dot dash dash dash (or GO DASH DOT) understands women's needs and has created the Infinity Bag to fit all of your necessities into one, all-inclusive bag. This must-have bag is ideal for business women, moms, students, or anyone with a demanding and active schedule who wants to be organized and fashion-forward at the same time.
Made up of high-quality polyester mesh, the Infinity Bag includes a separate compartment for shoes or yoga mat to keep those items separate from the rest of your clean clothes. There is also a zipper that can release the bottom panel for a deeper bag when there are no shoes or mat and you prefer more room. The bag also features a snap in/snap out pouch that can double as a cross body bag or fanny pack with an additional adjustable strap included with every bag. There is also a detachable, machine washable laundry pouch for dirty clothes, a padded laptop section, water bottle holder, and tons of interior and exterior pockets for cell phones, keys, and other smaller items.

If you need a quick trip to the store or an evening out after work, the cross body bag is lightweight and attractive for any occasion. In addition, Go Dash Dot upholds its mission to empower women in the South Tribe in Kyrgyzstan and Sherab in Bhutan by incorporating their traditional crafts into the Infinity Bag accessories line (straps and tassels) to personalize any go dash dot bag.

In an era of fast-paced travel and smart design, you will not just want the Infinity Bag, but you will need it. The multiple compartments, high-tech fibers, versatile functionality, and stunning design will fit every need for your modern, active lifestyle. Don't wait... "GO" get your Infinity Bag now by visiting

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