The South Tribe

The South Tribe was started as an enterprise to support migrant women from the southern tribes of Kyrgyzstan, predominantly from the Leilek district.

"We invest in traditional art and craft, give work to support and empower women, [and] provide them with stable income. " Jamila - Founder of the South Tribe

The South Tribe teaches women of all ages how to properly select colors, yarn sizes, and the traditional hand spinning of thread to make high quality tassels. The materials used to make the tassels come from fibers found along the ancient trade routes that make up the Silk Road , which passes through the Leilek district.

In Kyrgyz tradition, tassels come in a variety of sizes ranging from very large, used as yurt décor ( a yurt is round tent covered with skins or felt used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia), to very small, used as women’s purse accessories or horse harness decorations