"I am a 'bags' lady. By that I mean, rather than carry one practical bag, I am usually weighed down by a handful of different totes (one for my computer, one for my lunch, one for my gym clothes, shoes, water bottle, etc.). I am now in a monogamous relationship with my Dash Pak ($168)."

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Easy Tote

This weightless bag literally does it all! Not only is it super stylish, it can be used as a crossbody or belt bag plus, it has a separate washable shoe bag and a padded laptop section.

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Women's Health Magazine

Infinity Bag

“Fits my laptop and my gym clothes! Plus I’m swooning over the modern camo print that goes with everything.."

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Women's Wear Daily

"How This Brand Swiftly Solved Retailers' 'What Now?' Dilemma"

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Fashion Week Daily

"In April, the handbag maker donated its entire inventory to hospital workers. The reason? Founder Hannah Fastov heard from a nurse in Nashville about how the crossbody bag style was very helpful during her rounds..."

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