How To Pack Like A Pro

Picture this. It’s 8PM and you just got to the airport for your 9PM flight to Paris. You're the last one to get to your gate and suddenly realize that you can't find your passport! You look up only to see the airport security at the gate glaring at you (you know how impatient New Yorkers can be)! After bending down and taking everything out of the bag, you find your passport at the bottom! Now your belongings are scattered across the dirty airport floor and you have to quickly stuff everything back in your bag. This inconvenience hits home, am I right?!

It doesn't get more frustrating than an unorganized bag in a hectic situation. Well ladies, here are four tips to make sure that you can successfully organize your Go Dash Dot bag for your next adventure!


Make a list


Organize, organize, organize


Pack the unnecessary, necessary items


Zip it up

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Whether you're traveling via plane, car, or train, these four tips will ensure a safe and efficient travel experience so there are no heart attacks when you're shuffling to find your passport at the last minute on your way to Paris.