"I need a baby bag, but I don't want A baby bag."

We heard this over and over and we get it. The reimagined combination of pockets and compartments in each Go Dash Dot bag is designed to hold a lot of stuff, whatever that stuff is - bottles, diapers, pacifiers, changing pads, burp clothes, wipes.

With GDD, not only will you be the coolest mom on the block, you will also be the most prepared.

Make it personal with a monogram. Add at checkout.

From our customers


Packed up the bag and it actually has a spot for EVERYTHING I need. Formula bottles, pacifiers, diapers, changing pad. You name it, it fits

Ilyse L.

New York, NY


"I got over 20 diapers in the shoe compartment and the drawstring pouch is perfect for her dirty clothes."

Kandice R.

Baton Rouge, LA