Why I Needed To Create
The Easy Tote

I’m like a lot of women who buy our brand: I love to work, work out and hang out with my friends. But I couldn’t find a tote that could keep up with my life. So, a few years back I did something crazy: I decided to design my own – and Go Dash Dot and the Easy Tote were born. ET is the perfect blend of fashion and function. With enough compartments and pockets for your gym, personal and tech stuff. And its design lets you show your cool from boardroom to boardwalk.

- Hannah  

Behind The Design

Go Dash Dot First Infinity Bag Prototype

First Proto

I took an existing bag, paper, scissors, and tape and redesigned the tote, which became the very first Go Dash Dot prototype. All in my tiny 1 bedroom apartment I shared with a roommate.

First on the go bag from the factory

First Factory Sample

After taking my first prototype to a local NYC sample maker and being told it was garbage, I googled handbag designers. Yudhisty and I met at a THINK Coffee on 34th street and the rest is history. This the first prototype we received from our factory overseas.

fashionable and functional tote bag

Hello Perfection

9 months of perfecting the measurements, trims, hardware, and fabrics - we had ourselves a bag that was fashionable and functional.