Your Go-To Diaper Bag

Hi Friends, 

When I started Go Dash Dot I was not even close to thinking about babies and all the STUFF that comes with them - diapers, burp cloths, changing pads etc. However, I did know that during your 20s-30s you go through a million different stages, FAST, and you need a bag that can keep up. This is why I designed our bags to be versatile, and not purpose specific. Don't need your baby bag tomorrow because your meeting a friend for barre class? No problem, SAME BAG!

Here's what some of our Go Dash Babies and Moms have to say:

Easy Tote 2

Check Out Our Easy Tote 2

This babe
has the full lineup


Check Out Our Puffle


Check Out Our Maya

And there you have it - Go Dash Baby. If you have any questions or need help deciding on a bag, I am always here to talk you through it!