Your Go-To Diaper Bag

Hi Friends, 

When I started Go Dash Dot 5 years ago, I was not even close to thinking about babies and all the things that comes with them - diapers, burp cloths, changing pads etc. However, I did know that during your 20s-30s you go through a million different stages, fast, and you need a bag that can keep up. Hence why I went for versatility when designing our bags and not get to focused on bags for specific activitves/stages of life. 

Fast forward to now, my friends are starting to have kids and using their Go Dash Dot bags as baby bags. Here's what they have to say!

Easy Tote 2

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This babe
has the full lineup



And there you have it - Go Dash Baby. If you have any questions or need help deciding on a bag, I am always here to talk you through it!