Travel Hack: Attach your Go 2 Tote to your rolling suitcase

Hey Dash Squad, 
I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with my Go 2 Tote. I pretty much use it all day, everyday. I also love it for travel, but was a little frustrated that I couldn't secure it to my rolling suitcase, until I discovered you can...
Here's what you'll need: 
1. The adjustable strap included with every Go 2 Tote 
2. A rolling suitcase 
3. Your Go 2 Tote 
Now for the fun: 
Step 1: Slide your strap over your rolling suitcase handle
Travel hack: How to attached your go 2 tote to a rolling suitcase
Step 2: Place your Go 2 Tote on our rolling suitcase 
Step 3: Clip the strap together around the Go 2 Tote 
Step 4: Use the slider to adjust the strap length depending on how full your Go 2 Tote is 
Step 5: Get rolling! 
Don't own the Go 2 Tote yet? Check it out here. You can also use the same technique to secure the Puffle (or any Go Dash Dot bag) to your rolling suitcase! 
Happy travels!