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Best Diaper Bag For Toddlers

Just As Useful With Your Toddler As It Is For Preschool

By: Lex Goodman // Forbes 


As much as I loved larger diaper bags earlier in my parenting journey, once my son started moving at a faster speed (read: sprinting everywhere), I wanted to be more nimble. That’s where the Go Dash Dot Mini Backpack came in. Not only does it suit my needs as a mom and generally busy human, but it also has all of the necessary accoutrements for a toddler parent.
It’s compact, includes a series of intuitive pockets and has the ideal amount of space for a change of clothes, several pull-ups, wipes, snacks and both you and your child’s water bottle. There’s a mesh pocket that fits an iPad and a machine-washable pouch that’s great for dirty clothes or diapers. I also love the front zip pockets, so I don’t have to hunt for my keys, phone and wallet in a cavernous tote bottom. Personally, I also find it stylish enough to carry when I’m without my child as I go between pilates class, errands, the grocery store and picking him up.