Pack with Hannah

Hey Fam- Hannah here!
Not only am I on the go during the week, but weekends too! My husband works out on Long Island so every other weekend the pup and I pack up and head out of the city. Needless to say, I pretty much live out of my Weekender 2. While the weekender has tons of room and pockets for everything, recently, I have been using the ToteSavvy Travel organizer to DOUBLE the size of my weekender so I don't even need my rolling suitcase. 
My packing list usually includes: 
- Sneakers 
- Makeup 
- Laptop 
-Workout clothes 
- Snacks + toys for Carmela (my pup!)
- 1 or 2 outfits 



In my Weekender, I slide my laptop in the padded compartment, my sneakers in the drawstring pouch and my AirPods, wallet, lipgloss in the snap out pouch, which I use as my bag all weekend long. 


Everything else is packed into the ToteSavvy organizer. I love that the insert has a hanger, so once I get out to Long Island I can simply pull out the organizer, hang it up and consider myself unpacked :) 


Click here to shop the perfect travel combo and I can't wait to hear how you pack it up! Safe travels.