Meet The Team!



Team Go Dash Dot

In honor of International Women's Month, I wanted to introduce the incredible small, but mighty, group of women that run Go Dash Dot. 

Meet Melissa, or as many of you refer to her, Go Dash Mom. (In case you missed it, yes, Melissa is my Mom). Melissa is an organization wizard and operations genius. Melissa's previous life as a Clinical Psychologist brings a unique perspective to the team. Two things you may not know about her: she ran the New York City marathon TWICE and is a kick a$$ skier. 

Her favorite bag? The Mini Backpack 


Next is our head of design, Yudhisty Saridjo. As most modern relationships begin, Yudhisty and I met online. After some initial messages, I asked her to meet in person and the rest is history. Yudhi's wide range of experience working for Coach, Tory Burch, and Oscar De La Renta to name a few, combined with her exquisite taste is what drives the well constructed, beautiful product we deliver to you. Outside of designing incredible handbags, Yudhi is a master in the kitchen and fluent in French and Indonesian. 

Her favorite bag? The puffle! 

Finally, there is me, Hannah! I am the Founder & CEO of Go Dash Dot. My quest to find the perfect carry all bag led me here, creating better bags that can actually keep up with the multifaceted lives we live. A few things you may not know about me? I am a foot model, I have the perfect size 7 foot AND my feet have exactly the same measurements. I have also run the New York City marathon, a month after I launched Go Dash Dot. 

My favorite bag - The NEW Arly Messenger.