Meet #GoGirl Skyler

I am so excited to introduce this month's #GoGirl, Skyler Bouchard Oppenheim.

Skyler Bouchard from @diningwithskyler

Skyler's love for food began at an early age, however, it wasn't until she moved to New York for college in 2011 that she realized exactly what she wanted to do: produce videos and photos about her food experiences in the city and in her kitchen. And like a true #GoGirl - she set out to conquer her dreams.


In 2012, Skyler launched her food instagram account, then @nycdining, now @diningwithskyler to document all of her culinary experiences.

Seven years later, she is a culinary expert and host on Amazon’s live streaming shows, as well as a host for INSIDER’s Festival Foodies. A recurring host for Food Network digital and has hosted three digital shows with Food Network — Treat Yourself with Skyler, Full Dish Hustle, and Sipping with Skyler. And finally, she appeared on Cooking Channel’s final season of Unique Sweets, as a commentator and NYC food expert. 


I had the honor to catch up with Skyler and get some of her GO to's!


GO To Fall Recipe: My pumpkin butter pasta is out of this world. But I love all of the recipes on my fall page!!


GO To Dessert: Ice cream!


GO To Cocktail: I'm a wine gal - I love a good pinot noir 


GO To Guilty Pleasure: a glass of wine and turning off my phone 


GO To Pump Up Song: Beyonce's Formation gets me EVERY time!


GO To Self Care Ritual:  Going for a walk - I always try and make time to explore/ walk/ clear my head. I also love to unplug on the work emails, posts or anything of that nature!

GO To Podcast: Crime Junkie 


GO To Go Dash Dot Bag: Keychain shopper tote!!! I love to go on long walks to some of Philly's best markets and I always need a good bag to carry my groceries in. This is not only cute, but I use it all the time and it's so much better for my back/shoulders than traditional thin strapped shopping bags. 


Skyler showing off her keychain shopper tote


We teamed up with Skyler to GIVEAWAY one (1) of our keychain shopper totes.

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Want more Skyler? Check out her Instagram here and her blog here.