How We Made It

Our bags are made from obsession.

Step 1:
We start with a sketch. And another. And another….
It starts with a sketch
Step 2: 
The sketch is painstakingly transformed into a pattern which takes the 2D original into the 3D masterpiece.
the 2d design is turned into a 3d design
Step 3: 
Fabric is cut to insanely tight measurements to ensure every bag has a flawless finish.
Step 4: 
Each bag is “hand-puffed” to create our unique GDD look – then carefully stitched together.
Each bag is hand puffed by our talented partners overseas
Step 5:
The Lab Test Room is where we quantify our durability, water resistance, stitch quality and compartment/pocket functionality. (It doesn’t hurt too much.)
Testing room
Step 6:
Packed and palleted, your new bag is ready to embark upon its long ocean journey.
Our boxes on pallets about to make their journey to our warehouse
Step 7: 
Yippee! They arrive at our warehouse where I am eagerly waiting.
Bags arrive in our warehouse in New York