Dash Dot Dash Dash, WHAT?!

Go Dash Dot. I know you've been dying to know what it means. 

But first:

Naming the company was one of the hardest pieces to starting the business. I wanted something shorty, catchy, and easy to remember. I also wanted it to feel significant and meaningful. But every name I thought of was already the name of another company (funny how that happens!) or simply didn't feel right.  

I lucked out and had the opportunity to work with a group of summer interns at an NYC based branding agency. It began with me putting pen to paper about my vision for the brand. How it sounded, looked, felt.  Then three weeks later, the interns presented me with 30 name options. 

Hannah with her naming packet


After the first 10 short and sweet names that I said was a must (i.e. SIXD, 24:7, Svoo) they came to Dash Dash Dot Dash Dash Dash. I immediately knew that was it. It made me smile and want to know more about this brand. 

So what's it mean?

- - . - - - 

It comes from the language of Morse Code. And Morse Code itself is universal and easily translatable – just like our bags. The sequence  - - . - - -  signifies the word GO.

As I'm sure you figured out, Dash Dash Dot Dash Dash Dash doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. But Go Dash Dot does!