5 Ways To Use The Drawstring Pouch


Hey GDD Fam - 

Picture this: You are packing up your Go Dash Dot bag for the gym, vacation, beach etc. and you need that extra pouch to tie up loose ends! Are you ever searching your bag for that phone charger or SPF? Me too! This is where the drawstring bag always saves the day… 

Here are 5 ways I put my drawstring pouch to use! 

1. Laundry 

    Away for the weekend and want to separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones? This drawstring pouch really comes in handy! Great size, machine washable, and super durable. What could be better??

    2. Snacks 

      On the GO and don’t have time to stop for a snack? Tip: Pack up your bag with your favorite treats so you never need to worry! The drawstring pouch is the perfect place to store a variety of your daily cravings. 

      3. Chargers 

        The worst feeling: searching your bag for a phone charger when you are on 1%. No need to stress - store chargers in the drawstring! Easily accessible and the perfect way to stay organized.  

        4. Sunscreen 

          Beach Day checklist: Coverup, Sunglasses, Hat, and Sunscreen. But how do you make sure all your items stay clean? Store your sunscreen in the leak proof drawstring pouch to avoid any sticky situations! 

          5. All things hair! Flat iron, blow dryer etc.  

            Girls trip! Packed weekend plans with a busy itinerary? Store your hair products for all different purposes in the drawstring pouch! Going on a hike? Grab your hair tie. Dinner with friends? Blow dryer and curler are untangled and ready for your convenience. 

            Let us know how you put your drawstring pouch to work! Don't have one? Fear not - they come in every Go Dash Dot bag! Shop Best Sellers Here.