Self Care Sundays

I live my life on the go.

My apartment is in Brooklyn; I work out of a co-working space in Soho. My day is filled with what sometimes feel like endless meetings and excel spreadsheets, I try to get a sweat in once a day, and somehow among all that I’m trying to move through my mindfully. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes miss the mark! But I’ve found that planning ahead makes all the difference.

I’ve found that the simplest tasks, can be shifted from more to-dos to acts of tending to ourselves.

Sunday’s are my day to get my shit together ;)

I look at the week ahead and book in my workouts - The Class by Taryn Toomey, some yoga, maybe a dose of soul cycle. They go in my calendar like work meetings. My time. I get myself to the grocery store & make my rounds so I can make myself breakfast and lunch during the week. I’m not a cook, we’re talking overnight oats & rice, beans, & tofu. But taking the time to prep ensures that I’m not an afterthought in my day.

And then there’s laundry - cause those bodysuits and lululemon’s don’t wash themselves.

On Monday am, I can pack up my Go Dash Dot with all the essentials + the crystals, essential oils, and granola bars for the moments when the training is running late and I am loosing my cool.

Take good care Xx