Welcoming the Weekend with Shelby Albo

During this time, we’ve found that it’s more refreshing than ever to get away ~safely~ when possible. While every state has different policies in regard to COVID-19, we’ve made sure to stay safe and still enjoy the lasting summer moments that we have. Recently we caught up with one of our long-time friends, Shelby Albo, better known as @travelfitlove on Instagram, to see how she’s been staying active, maintaining a mommy routine, and dashing back to life as her home state reopens. 

We understand that being a mom requires a lot of hustle every day, and piling up work-from-home adjustments with much needed “mamas only time” on top of it all probably feels like juggling a dozen fresh eggs. “I have been working out every morning when it’s naptime,” Shelby said, during our Q&A session. 

“I put on my workout clothes before I put my son down for a nap, and I figure out what I’m going to do the night before,” she said. Schedule in your workout like it’s a business meeting that way it’s always in your calendar, she said.

For moms who can’t squeeze in a workout during naptime, Albo said another option was to take walks. “They’re a great thing to do with a baby, and it gives me time to catch up with my girlfriends,” she said. 

Albo’s passion for fitness combined with being a mom hasn’t slowed her down at all when it comes to travel though. As a long time customer of GDD, she has collected almost every bag from our line over the years. “I have the Infinity bag (currently sold out), the Bucket tote and the Dashpack,” she said. “The bags have gone all over the world with me,” she said, “and I always bring the snap pouch with me on vacation, even if I can’t bring the larger bag.” 

Shelby most recently tried out our Weekender bag for a quick getaway she had planned. Her two major tips for packing: always wear your bulkiest shoe and pack a pair of black leggings. “You can dress them [leggings] up, wear them for a workout, be comfy in the car, or plane, and re-wear them without people noticing - also so easy to wash in the sink,” Albo said. 

Be sure to check out the video above to see how Shelby packed her Weekender bag! If you’re interested in her full workout classes, you can visit her profile with beRevolutionarie

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