We can HEAR the bells! Takeover w/ Haley Parrish

Bride to Be Haley Parrish has been hustling in DTX for quite some time. New to blogging she has made a quick transition from working for an airline to a full time fashion and beauty expert. “I came to a MAJOR revelation that blogging combines everything I have ever wanted in a job into one. Fashion styling + connecting with people + educating & leading others.”

Quarantine has hit us all hard, but Haley has been finding a way to make WFH comfy and cute! She loves workout clothes, but comfy lounge sets are her true go-to. “NastyGal has the best lounge sets in ! the ! game !” she says.

These past few months WFH has been made easier for Haley by “sticking to a schedule and having a todo list. I feel like having a schedule just helps when deciding how to structure your day and helps to create habits that you can maintain.”

Her morning routine like most has changed, but she continues to keep her eye on the prize! “I spent a lot of time finalizing the wedding to- dos because I am getting married in ONE MONTH AHH”.

While planning a wedding during quarantine may be stressful, Haley has stayed positive sharing the highlights of her planning and what she is excited for on her special day. “My fiancé and I have been dating since I was a freshman in high school so this has been a long time coming and I am beyond looking forward to having family and friends throughout all walks of life join us in something so special,” Parrish said.

“Any helpful tips for future brides?” we asked her. Haley mentioned that the little things are what a bride may stress over, but to “put yourself in the wedding guests shoes,” will help minimize stress of the little things. “The biggest thing people will remember is the time they had while they were there so make it an amazing and fun time without getting too worked up over the small things.”

When asked about her favorite kind of bag she said, “When I am carrying a bag around with me I want something that is functional and is making my life easier.”

We absolutely love seeing Haley sport her Iridescent Puffle and had a blast talking with Haley about all things quarantine, weddings and of course fashion!

As Haley counts down the days until her wedding, we cannot wait to see her special day all unfold. Don’t forget to leave comments or questions down below to continue the conversation, we love hearing from our readers!

Until our next blog post. Xoxo.