The Secret’s of Midwest In Style’s Daily Life

Maren Jenson is a do-it-all mom, fashion and lifestyle blogger based in South Dakota. She has a full time job working in health care marketing, but blogging has become her passion project that she loves! She finds a way to balance day-today life between her work, her blog, and her family life with two kids and a husband.

During quarantine, Jenson has maintained her workout schedule by starting online workout classes. She has also been able to read more while being at home. “I’ve definitely increased the number of books I’ve been reading which has been on my to-do list for a long time!”

Coffee is an essential part of Maren’s morning routine because she is not a morning person. “I like both hot and iced coffee so I change it up based on my mood,” Jenson says about her coffee choices. On the weekends, she includes a workout in her morning routine. While she loves to get dressed up for work she says, “ it’s all about lounge sets when working from home or on the weekends.”

In order to stay focused while working at home, Jenson utilizes lists to keep track of what she has to do. Maren says, “there’s nothing more satisfying than crossing things off.”

Maren explained that being active is super important to her, so she tries to workout at least two to three times a week. “I prioritized fitness about three years ago and it has done wonders for my mental and physical health,” Jenson says about her healthy journey. Some of her fave workouts to do are Barre, TRX, and pilates.

Her go-to meal to cook for her family is casseroles, a midwestern staple! Jenson says, “My family loves them, they make great leftovers and are the best comfort food.”

One of the benefits of quarantine has been that Maren gets to spend more time with her daughter. “We’ve been able to just take it easy, spend time outside and when the weather doesn’t cooperate we’ve been watching classic Disney movies,” Jenson says. She has been having some great quality family time.

She has been loving the skincare brand BeautyCounter’s products. She says, “They’re natural, light-weight and have been great for my sensitive skin.” Maren explained that she has not been watching as much Netflix because she has been reading, but she has been loving watching Outlander on Netflix lately!

Her favorite bag lately has been her Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM. She says she has been loving it because, “it’s the perfect size for my working mom-on-the-go lifestyle.”

She has been loving so many different instagram accounts right now. Some of her current faves include, “@jensievers_art, home décor accounts like @studiomcgee, and fashion bloggers like @alyson_haley”.

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