The Name

When I started my company, I thought the most challenging aspect would be manufacturing the bag, but I was wrong, it was naming the company! I’ve always liked my name and thought Hannah Michelle would be a lovely choice. But thanks to a trusted confidant, I was plainly told that name sucked. So back to the drawing board. I wanted a short, catchy, creative name, but nothing too strange that you have no idea what it means and/or can never remember or even pronounce. Or so I thought…Of course, three months later, I end up with exactly that - a long complicated name, which most people have no idea what it means, nor can they remember it. But, somehow Dash Dash Dot Dash Dash Dash just felt right and true to who I am - unique. 

Anyway, getting back to the naming process. After I was kindly told Hannah Michelle was a terrible name, I got lucky and was provided the opportunity to work with an extremely talented group of individuals who helped me come up with our name.  After sharing a 10 page file documenting who we are, who we want to be, where we see ourselves in the market, and target customer, the team gathered to name storm. A few weeks later, a beautiful power point deck was presented to me with over 30 names to choose from. While each name was perfect and amazing in its own right, I knew Dash Dash Dot Dash Dash Dash was it.

So what is Dash Dash Dot Dash Dash Dash? It is the written out version of - - . - - - which means “Go” in Morse code. Morse code is the universal language, and that is exactly what our bags are -  universal. With functionality as one of our company pillars, you will always be ready to just “go” with one of our bags. Furthermore, if you look at the first letter of each word in our name, there are 6 D’s. We live in a time when we are always doing more than one thing, and usually at the same time. Our lives have become so multifaceted, it is as if we have moved past the third dimension and into the 6th dimension (6D); working/playing/working out/relaxing/vacationing/eating. Our company celebrates this and provides the necessary tools to keep you GOing in the 6D.

After attending my first trade show and realizing how insanely long and confusing the name is, we’ve shortened it to the name we all know and love – GO DASH DOT.