Self Care Sunday with Rise Powell

We’re continuing to learn and grow as a brand through our conversations with long-time friends of our team. Most recently, we caught up with Rise Powell (@risepowell) who spoke with us about her involvement in the BLM movement and her thoughts on how to address and avoid tokenism in brands. Be sure to watch our full conversation in the video above.

We’re also returning to one of our original series on the blog, Self Care Sundays, where we sit down with on-the-go women, just like us, and discuss what practices of self-care they find most helpful. It’s no doubt that 2020 has not been an easy year for anyone and the toll on mental health is real, so we thought this was the perfect time to check in on ourselves and our friends.

Rise talked to us about how she experienced her own ups and downs during quarantine, and how she even turned them into an entrepreneurial venture. “It has definitely been a journey keeping my mental health ontrack during these odd times,” Powell said. “One of my favorite things to do is staying on a schedule even if it’s made up of little tasks each day.”

On top of keeping a schedule, baking and staying in touch with loved ones were her major comforts, Powell said. As an actress, keeping a schedule at home mainly looks like studying and perfecting her performance techniques for future work, she added.

Her love for baking turned into just the outlet she needed. “I started a baking company called “Rise N’ Bake” inspired by the light that pulled me out of my depression,” she said. “Rise N’ Bake revolves around ‘The Sweets That Keep You Whole.’

“We want to inspire everyone to Rise and do what makes them feel whole and good each day! So - that was definitely the highlight of my quarantine.”

Rise’s new company definitely puts all of our banana bread and other quarantine baking attempts to shame! We’ll stick to what we know best: handbags.

Of course while catching up, we heard all about her GDD bag adventures. “I've definitely fit my dog into one of my GDD bags, just for a quick train ride,” she said. “It was pretty hilarious and he loved it.

He's way too big for that now, but I'm lucky enough to have had a bag that fit him back then.”

Multi-functionality at its peak! Who knew a tote could double as a puppy carrier. We love to hear about all of the creative ways our bags can be used.

As always, we’re so thankful that Rise took the time to sit down with us for an important conversation. Be sure to leave your thoughts, questions or comments below to be involved in our conversation! We’d love to hear from you.

We’ll be back with another blog post soon. Xoxo.