Self Care Sundays

Hey Guys, I’m Alyssa &I’m Sammy and we are The Rickey Sisters.

Born and raised in New Hyde Park, NY and love dancing almost as much as we love each other. Dance has become a form of therapy for us. We are regular girls with real problems that a glass of wine or a double scoop of chocolate ice cream can soothe but during choreography sessions or group classes there is a wave of bliss that washes over us

Growing up our home was full of love, music & the best authentic Italian food. Fortunately, we were eitherdancing or playing soccer but the abundance of apple pie & cheese took a toll on our skin.

Unfortunately, I learned that I have an intolerance to dairy so strictly cutting out cow products & using my go to face scrub from Lush called “let the good times roll” that Sammy showed me has turned my acne around. – Alyssa

I have tried so many products but my all-time favorite, can’t live without product is my “Give Me A Boost” Hyaluronic Acid from Erase Spa. Seriously the greatest thing since sliced bread. –Sammy