Self Care Sundays

Self Care Sundays with Michele Gordon

My name is Michele Gordon and I’m on a mission to empower you to #MAKETHINGSHAPPEN! By day I work as the Director of Brand Marketing at Paragon Sports and by all other hours of the day, I am the Creator of Cardio Sweat Party, Speaker and Confidence Coach. I love helping people to smile, step out of their comfort zone, realize their power, and bring their ideas to life.

I’m constantly on the go. My days are so busy between working, teaching, creating, events, and training (The NYC Marathon is around the corner!). While this lifestyle makes for great use of my favorite Go Dash Dot bags, my hectic schedule can make it a challenge to squeeze in “me time”. This all being said, I practice what I preach. By carving out time for self-care and making it a priority, I set myself for success in all areas of my life.

About 4 years ago, I became really burnt out. I was teaching a ton of classes, working so much without a focus, and wasn’t taking days off to just BE. I was feeling FAR from my best self. After getting away with friends for a weekend, I realized “WOW! I need to do this more often!” From then on, I started to make little changes that made a big difference. Here are 5 ways that I make time for self-care and what I do:

1. S L O W D O W N

Up until my burnout point, I never enjoyed yoga. However, when I realized I was running around like a chicken without a head, I gave yoga another shot. Since then, almost 4 years ago, I incorporate yoga into my weekly workout routine. To me, movement is therapy. So to be able to move, focus on my breathe, and chill, even for just 2 minutes, is EVERYTHING.


I’ll take a massage over a mani/pedi any time! A few years ago, a friend introduced me to massage therapy. I was hesitant and thought it was just something expensive you do on vacation. However, I’ve come to LOVE IT. Right now, I’m training for the NYC Marathon, so massage is something I do quite often to help my body heal between long runs and teaching classes. When I’m not training, I book a session once every 6 weeks or so. It’s an hour when I turn my phone off and give my body MAJOR love.


I love my mornings. By waking up early, taking my time getting ready & making breakfast, working out, thinking, writing, or reading, I automatically myself in the right mindset to tackle my long days. When I take my time, I feel good about who I am and my routine builds confidence in what I am capable of. I try to not schedule meetings before 10AM so I can fuel myself in the first few hours of the day.


When I have a lot going on, sometimes what I really need is a run in the park, sleep, a night out with friends, or to read a good book. It’s during these times that I say no to what doesn’t serve me so I can YES to what does. If someone invites me to go out on a Friday after I’m exhausted from a busy week, I have no problem re-scheduling so I can order in food and relax on the couch :) When I have a ton of ideas in my head, I’m very happy either calling a friend to figure them out or make time to write out my thoughts and get focused. I say no to dinners when I need to save $$ and say yes to walking meetings. You get where I’m going :) Don’t feel bad or sorry about saying no to someone or something. By doing so, you are creating space for the YES and beautiful opportunities to come your way!


I think physical exercise is a form of self-care we can all agree on! I got into fitness because of how it made me feel. I NEED to start every day with some sort of physical movement whether it's a run, a class, a walk, or just stretching. It is my greatest energy source and is the reason why I can do so much in a day! When I have a lot going on, I am IN my workout. No phones, sometimes no music or podcast - just me. Even better? When I can take the workout outside! No matter what the weather, I dress for it and go for a run, do my own class or boot camp in the park, or just go for a walk. It’s invigorating and no equipment is required! I fully believe that success is DRENCHED in sweat!

Self-care comes in many different forms. What’s important is that you take care of yourself so you can be a strong, confident leader who kicks butt and makes things happen! Self-care isn’t self. It’s SMART!

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