Carly Straubing is a yoga teacher and sales rep for Go Dash Dot. She has a very inclusive yoga practice with the intention of making yoga accessible to all! Her yoga is, “colloquial, playful, and meant to guide you to your highest self” says Straubing. She uses her social media to accentuate her core messages and show her true self.

During quarantine, Straubing has been loving cooking! She managed to convert her fiancé into a pescaterian, which she says was not particularly easy. When speaking about the relationship they have with food in their home, she says, “we are always trying to cultivate a better relationship with food and I have found there is no better way than taking pride in your creative endeavors in the kitchen”.

Although she has been loving cooking, Straubing does not do any meal prepping because, “it brings [her] no joy to eat the same thing over and over again”. She has been loving cooking from cookbooks such as Foolproof Fish and The Yoga Plate. “ I cook with a lot of spice and I love that my kitchen always smells of fresh parsley, cilantro, and ginger”, Straubing explained. The best thing she has made so far is Thai curry rice with mahi-mahi (how yummy!).

Straubing’s go-to WFH look includes a mix of satin pajamas and yoga clothes depending whether or not she’s teaching yoga. She has an in-home yoga studio that she has been able to remotely teach her yoga classes from during quarantine. Straubing said that her leggings are usually Alo because, “they use the most amazing fabric and the waist height is perfect for me”. She also always adds her TIJN glasses to her daily look for not only prescription, but also blue light prescription.

Staying focused while working from home can be difficult, but Straubing lives by her to-do list. She said it also helps that she loves what she does! In her home, she “curated a productive and aesthetically pleasing work environment”. She recommends to everyone that you add some of your favorite items in your own work space. “My den is decorated with orchids, candles, and my vintage Mckenzie Child’s tea set,” Straubing says about her own work space.

Straubing has a busy day, so she always starts her day with “a detox beverage of hot water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and turmeric,” because she loves the spiciness. She has been loving making coffee in the morning with her bright red smeg coffee maker that she got for her bridal shower, although she only really has coffee for the smell. Every morning she does something called “morning pages” which she says is “three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing”. She explains that there is no right or wrong way to do this and it is essential to her morning routine. After making a smoothie (usually with cacao powder, dates, and greens), she will answer her emails for Go Dash Dot and then she begins to plan her Yoga classes. She says that her, “home Yoga practice always takes place in the afternoon, usually before a cardio HIIT workout”. Since she is no longer doing yoga with her students in the room, she has to do the whole class with her students. She says, “if I teach two or more classes in a day I will skip out on doing a HIIT class because it can get totally exhausting,”.

Straubing dished that she has been loving @nupoweryogabarre because they do such an amazing job keeping up with their social media. “They are always posting about new ways to take care of yourself,” Straubing explained. NuPower is even where she received her RYT 200 training and she teaches for them sometimes!

Straubing loves the skincare brand Summer Fridays because, “they are vegan and cruelty free as well, which is the most important thing to [her]”. One of her favorite products is their CC me serum because it has vitamin c in it which is a must-have for herCarly loves to re-watch sitcoms such as The Office and How I Met Your Mother because she thinks they’re so funny. “ I anxiously await the release of A Handmaid’s Tale season 4, Grey’s Anatomy season 100, and Ozark season 4,” Straubing said about her other faves. When it comes to books, her favorite genre is sci-fi. “I just finished The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins and I am deep into Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer,” Straubing said.

Carly is getting married soon, and she is so excited to be surrounded by all the ones she loves to celebrate with her. She explained that she is an extrovert, so this quarantine has been especially difficult for her, so getting together with friends brings her so much joy! Her fiancé is her favorite person, and she cannot wait to see him having fun with everyone! “I so look forward to everything from the flowers, to the food, to my dress, to being in Charleston again; the perfect weekend,” Straubing says about what she is most excited for about the wedding.

If Straubing could give advice to any future brides out there, she says to hire a wedding planner. She said that even with a wedding planner, it was still a lot of work. So, it may be something worth the splurge! Sraubing says, “between you and your partner, decide what is most important to you both and splurge on that.” Communication is key!

Even with all the wedding excitement, Carly still makes time to move her body at least two times a day! Although she does a lot of yoga, she will often add in some cardio HIIT, cycling, or pilates. In order to keep her body feeling good she says, “Baths are a regular thing for me as well with essential oils and herbs to soothe my achy muscles.”

A must-have for any bag she buys is that it must have a space for her mask! She loves the Go Dash Dot easy tote because her mask fits so perfectly in the front zip pocket. How convenient!

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