Introducing Self Care Sundays

WHATS UP! I’m Amanda Paige and this is my life! I am a fitness instructor, content creator, actor, model, foodie, brand ambassador, musical theatre performer, broadway loving, reality tv obsessed 25 yr old pumpkin spice latte ordering, basic girl living in NYC (I just eye rolled too don’t worry). I wanted to share my story for quite some time but felt weird for so long about putting my thoughts and feelings on paper… but honestly who am I kidding?? I’m a loud mouthed girl from NJ who can’t shut up and has too many thoughts and too many ideas. So I figured I’d take my wandering mind and jot these self care tips down to maybe help someone else who needs to hear this- Hannah my amazing friend, and now boss (hi han) asked me to start the blog series called SELF CARE SUNDAYS

Writing this blog my initial thought was WHAT DO I WRITE ABOUT? ARE PEOPLE GOING TO ACTUALLY CARE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY? I’m involved in so many outlets that finding something to focus on just seems way too challenging and time consuming BUT I’m ready to commit… to my blog post that is.

Having gone through a remarkable weight-loss journey (losing over 70lbs) I am now so comfortable and confident in my skin (and sometimes order fries as dessert ;) )!! If there’s one word I could use to sum up my life in the last 25 years it would be grateful.

In 2016 I graduated from The Boston Conservatory and then immediately auditioned and joined the amazing staff at Flywheel Sports as an indoor cycling instructor.

Flywheel has allowed me to help others achieve their goals and lets me combine my two passions of performance and fitness everyday- it rocks!

I am happy, working, and living my dreams.

But with all that gushy stuff said, my life is far from perfect I am a super OCD, neat freak cleaning psycho and yet I get sick often. I was recently diagnosed with chronic migraine syndrome. For years I would hear people talk about migraines and rightfully shrug it off like oh a headache cool. NO, migraines are no shrug off joke. It took a year of doctor appointments, re-adjusting my scheduling and constant physical therapy for me to manage my pain and manage my emotions. It took a really long time for me to make time for myself. To commit to taking time off and to re-adjust my lifestyle. Self care is super important to me now.

I’ve been doing the “hustle” in NYC for almost 3 years dodging bad bumble dates, drinking wine with my friends on the weekends and spending most of my downtime working out and traveling. Self care in most cases came last, and now I make it a priority. I read an article once where it said “Self care is often misunderstood.” I thought for the longest time self care meant massages and baths and long walks but what I learned is that self care is about a lifestyle change. It’s a commitment to mental health, a permanent change. It’s about speaking kindly to yourself, fueling yourself with great foods and being positive that you can do anything you say your mind too.

I’ve learned to be more supportive of friends, be confident in my teaching and training abilities and stay consistent in my doctors appointments. Of course I am a work in progress (we all are) - but I want you to know we are all in this together.

Know your limits- and keep working hard. ❤️ @amandapaige122