Interview with a true #GirlBoss: Cristina Alcivar

I had the honor of sitting down with a true #girlboss Cristina Alcivar, Founder of Vane Airport Mag, brand strategist, and Mom.  Although the intention of our meeting was to talk entrepreneurship and future collaboration opportunities, it turned into a interview about her on the go lifestyle and why the Infinity Bag has become her new best friend. Because Cristina is so awesome and uses every pocket of the Infinity bag to get her through her busy days, I thought I would share a snapshot of our conversation with all of you!

P.S. –  check out her online publication or Instagram @vaneairportmag for healthy eats and workouts in airports all over the world.

Current residence: Toronto, Canada

Occupation:  Brand Strategist and founder of Vane Airport Mag

Favorite workout while on the go: Pilates

Favorite place to travel: NYC

What’s your favorite pocket?

I love all the compartments, but my favorite is the shoe compartment. I put my heels in it when I’m running to meetings. While I’m traveling, the shoe compartment easily transforms into a pocket for snacks. 

Why do you love the Infinity Bag?

I am a single Mom with two businesses and never have time to stop home during the day. When I leave in the morning, I have to be ready for morning, noon, and night.  All of the pockets allow me to organize myself. The side zip compartment is for me keys, I put my wallet in the exterior zip pocket, and small items I need easily accessible in the front zipper compartment. I also love that it is quite small considering how much you can fit it, and the fabric is soft and malleable.