Influencer Q&A with Tale of 2 Yogis

Our next influencer Q&A is with two friends who recently combined their creativity to start a shared platform. Tale of 2 Yogis, created by Allie Gonsior and Sydney Samborski, Minnesota based yoga and fitness instructors, began when the two friends got together and realized their shared passions.

“Allie and I became really close after meeting through CorePower, and even started teaching classes online together during quarantine,” Samborski said. “We have so many common interests when it comes to our lifestyles that we wanted to share things we love with everyone else.

“We have both also had some of the same struggles, and outlooks on personal strength which is what we based our Instagram platform off of.”

While some Instagram accounts aim at only showing positivity, Allie and Sydney both wanted to offer advice on maintaining healthy bodies and minds after each struggling with eating disorders. “I actually had a pretty severe eating disorder my senior year of high school, which made me go in and out of treatment,” Gonsior said, when explaining their account’s aim. “I came out on the other side a whole new person and 110% stronger.

“I found a love for giving my body the correct nutrition it needs daily, yet still saving time to eat the things we all love.”

Samborski echoed similar sentiments from her recovery of feeling much stronger and loving foods that really nourish her body. “Allie and I both also have sensitivity to gluten & dairy, so we connect on good products and recipes that we can enjoy, too,” Samborski said.

As fitness instructors, you can find Sydney teaching at CorePower and Allie at Solidcore. Gonsior first certified at CorePower, where she met Samborski, before transitioning to Solidcore and has now been a teacher for 1.5 years, she said. “Being an instructor has helped me in so many ways,” Gonsior said. “My personal practice has strengthened so much, both physically and mentally.”

Samborski started at CorePower almost three years ago after looking to mix-up her workouts as a cheerleader in college, she said. “Being an instructor gives me more awareness of listening to what my body is craving as far as working out,” she said, “and also awareness of when I can lean in to fitness and push myself harder, or when I need to back off.”

As instructors who spend a majority of their time in studios, both found that their GDD backpacks are the perfect teaching and workout bags. They said that hygiene products and spin shoes are staples in their bags at the moment for instructing and learning safely in the studio.

Be sure to check out @taleof2yogis for all of their health and wellness tips. We can’t get enough of their friendship and their passion for sharing mindful advice through a love for healthy wellbeing. We have a pretty good feeling you’ll love them too.

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