How To Freeze The Day

With freezing cold temperatures and lots and lots of snow, spring may seem a long way off. Don’t know how to survive this brutal winter? Don’t worry! This Syracuse girl has got you covered on how to actually enjoy the winter. So grab some snow boots and your GDD bag and let’s freeze the day! 


1. Skiing
One of the many things Upstate New York has to offer is skiing. There are tons of ski resorts where you can make the most of the constant lake-effect snow. Not a pro? No prob! Just head to the bunny slope. The Maya Backpack is perfect
to store your hand warmers, snacks, a camera for all those cute Instagram pics, and a first aid kit for when you fall.
Maya Mint Chip Backpack


2. Sledding

Not feeling the ski trip? You can have just as much fun sledding down the biggest hill in your neighborhood. You don’t even have to buy your own sled! You can use a trash can lid, a boogie board, or an inner tube (my personal favorite). The Bucket Tote is a great way to transport your makeshift sled to the hill and extra gloves and socks for post-sled activities. If you ever visit Syracuse University, there’s a huge hill by Crouse College (the building that looks like Hogwarts) that everyone loves to sled down after it’s snowed. 10/10 would recommend.

Sledding in Syracuse



3. Baking 

Not a fan of the outdoors? Warm up by baking something sweet! My boyfriend and I love to find crazy recipes on TikTok to bake when we’re stuck inside all day. The other day we made s'mores brownie bars (unreal). We high recommend you follow this recipe! Or check out my insta @iris_eatz for more cozy food inspo. 

And by the way, the Iridescent Crossbody Bag is the best to store your cards, cash, and coupons when shopping for those baking essentials.

What’s your favorite winter activity? Whatever you end up doing, stay warm and have fun!


Till next time, xoxo.