Happy Fourth Birthday Go Dash Dot!

Go Dash Dot’s fourth birthday is here! Time really does fly when you’re having fun, and we have been having lots of fun with our bags! It is crazy to think about how far we have come since the beginning just four years ago, and we know some of you have been with us the whole time. We have loved every step of the process, and we hope you are loving our bags just as much as we are!

In order to celebrate our fourth birthday, we want to tell you our top four favorite birthday cakes and the perfect GDD bag to go along with them! There are so many different birthday cakes to choose from, we hope we can help you choose the perfect one!

     1. Milk Bar’s Birthday Cake 

     Birthday cake 

The classic, perfect birthday cake. Milk bar’s birthday cake is the perfect cake to celebrate any birthday. It has layers of fluffy funfetti cake, frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and birthday cake pieces! How delicious! We would totally pair this cake with our iridescent puffle bag, one of our all time favorites. 

     2. The Flour Shop Explosion Cake 

     Birthday cake two Black Bag

The Flour Shop’s explosion cake is one that is sure to impress! It has six layers of rainbow colored vanilla cake and a surprise on the inside. It is perfect for any age and will satisfy your sweet tooth. This is definitely a cake that you should be celebrating with! We think that this cake goes perfectly with our infinity bag in black/pink! 

      3. Magnolia Bakery’s Red Velvet Cake 

      Red velvet cake 

Magnolia Bakery has some of the best cakes in New York City, and they are all to-die-for! We think that the red velvet cake is especially yummy and perfect for any birthday. It is a chocolate-flavored cake with creamy vanilla frosting on top. The perfect bag to eat this cake with is the maya backpack in bordeaux!

     4. Morganstern’s Mint Chip Ice Cream Cake 

      Wedding Camo puffle

This might sound strange, but we’re bringing it back to November 2019 to Hannah’s wedding. Why? They had a mint chip wedding cake...yup, you heard that  right! Layers of chocolate cake, minty fresh buttercream, vanilla cake, and of course chocolate chips. Hannah and her hubs created what their baker said was the most surprisingly delicious cake he has ever made. So of course we’re pairing it with our favorite mint chip puffle for the perfect celebration. 

We hope you enjoyed celebrating our fourth birthday with us as much as we did! As always, be sure to show us how you are using your GDD bags! 

Till next time, xoxo.