Fitness Guru Casey Cohen Makes the Most of Each Day

Casey Cohen is a New York City based celebrity and NASM personal trainer. She has a true passion for fitness and wants to show people how to unlock their full potential. Her mission is to bring inspiration and empowerment to people in order for them to become their best selves through change. 

Her mindset is that if you truly want to make a change, you must be willing to put the work in to make the change. She wants to inspire you to take the first step. 

Since quarantine has started, she has been able to focus on gaining a greater education about fitness. She says she even has been able to “teach [her] BeTC Signature Cycling & workout classes live”. 

Her typical WFH look is activewear because she is always working out. With how much activewear she has she says, “I could probably open my own store at this point”. 

Cohen’s daily morning routine includes hot Starbucks coffee, reading the New York Times, and working out. She typically works out anywhere from 2 to 4 times a day in addition to training and teaching. Each day she makes sure she lives her life to the fullest. 

She has been teaching classes digitally since the pandemic hit, and she has been loving it.  She gets to connect with people who share a similar passion for fitness with her. She also says, “I get to reach more people & work with so many different brands”. 

While working from home, having a set daily routine has been helping keep her focused. She also has been using her color coded schedule to keep herself in check. When it comes to food, she is super into plant-based food, more specifically Splendid Spoon. 

Cohen’s favorite social media accounts are the ones that give off positive energy and inspire her. She has been loving these three accounts: @addicted2success, @motviationaldirector @thesecret365. 

If she could only use one skin care brand for the rest of her life, it would be cetaphil. She says that it is the best for her skin and it can take off her makeup. 

On Netflix, she has been watching lots of Emily in Paris. She always includes some fitness material as well. Cohen’s current favorite trend is belt bags. Good thing every GDD bag comes with a belt bag! 

In any bag that she buys, she must have a place for her hand sanitizer and extra masks. All of our GDD bags have so many pockets and compartments where you can easily store your things. 

If she could give any advice for other instructors and entrepreneurs looking to start their own business right now it would be to just get started! She says, “There is no better time to start doing something you love”. 

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Until next time, xoxo.