Fitness Friday with Hannah Campbell

We’re thrilled to feature Hannah Campbell as our next influencer in our Fitness Friday series. A recent graduate from the University of Richmond, and an overall ray of sunshine and energy, our team has loved collaborating with Hannah this summer.

Hannah’s instagram rise and journey differs slightly from the majority of fitness influencers that we’ve featured on our blog. Her account started as a way to motivate herself and others, while keeping a personal journal of her bodybuilding competition preparation, she said.

In 2019, Campbell competed in the National Physique Committee’s Bikini Battle Royale competition in Virginia Beach, Virginia and took home first place in her open class and collegiate. “I felt so on fire for the goal I set for myself and felt so supported by friends, family, and especially, the community that formed over instagram, as I posted a very real look into my prep- transformations, mentality, and training,” she said.

“The goal was to craft the best physique I could, losing body fat while training to keep my muscle mass,” Campbell said, reflecting on her 16 weeks of preparation. “I experienced a range of emotions over prep, but overall, I was living for this journey!”

Since that initial win, Campbell continues to post content and live workout videos on her Instagram, even starting partnerships with Lululemon and 1st Phorm, a vitamin and supplement brand, but her overall focus since graduation has been channeling her passion into a career. “I’ve been having so much fun helping friends stay on track with their fitness and nutrition over quarantine, and I’m now pursuing personal training,” she said.

When quarantine started in March, moving to working out from home, rather than being in the gym, was a difficult adjustment initially, Campbell said. “As an avid gym-goer, I was not excited about home workouts,” she said. “I’ve taken this time to really focus on Flexible Dieting and counting macros because one of my goals since bodybuilding prep has been to find balance and live a healthy lifestyle rather than extreme restriction, as I was accustomed to over prep.”

With statewide restrictions slowly loosening, you can now find Campbell sweating it out at Wolfpack Fitness in New Jersey as a personal trainer. Be sure to watch the awesome video we have linked above for a sneak peek of her (and our GDD White Iridescent Easy Tote) in action!

Of course, to close out our chat we had to ask about go-to gym bag preferences: “I want to say a must-have would be that it is super practical, but quite honestly, I love something that stands out,” Campbell said. “A big black gym bag has never been my style - it needs to have character!” We couldn’t agree more! Fun, yet functional in every aspect - one of our many mottos here at GDD.

Again, a big thank you to Hannah for her amazing energy and effort when working with us. We highly recommend checking out her page!

Until next time on the blog, xoxo.