Self Care Sundays

Self Care Sundays with Brooke Armonaitis
The greatest life is the one that’s given away.

Hello my fellow Go Dash Dot lovers! My name is Brooke Armonaitis and I am a dancer-turned-fitness professional living in NYC. I teach around 20 classes per week at many different locations so I am constantly on the go. As I go, my mission is to empower other people. I love seeing clients realize how capable their bodies are and watching them get stronger and push through challenging moments in class. I get to be a part of other people’s self care in the classroom but it’s easy for me to forget about myself and my own needs along the way. I’m a coffee addict so of course that is in my self care routine but I won’t bore you with that because we all know how necessary coffee is for those long days.

Below are just a few things that help me stay tuned in to my body and ready to conquer all of the tasks and classes I have in a day. That being said, taking it one day at a time is imperative for me. I can not look at the entire week ahead of me or I go CRAZY. It's too much to think about and completely unproductive.  

1. DRINK WATER. My goal is a gallon a day.
Even though it may be the most obvious, this is the absolute hardest one on the list and I’m not always great at it. I can function on way less water than this but when I go for the goal of drinking a gallon a day the benefits are obvious: I have way more energy, my skin clears up, and it helps to maximize what my body is capable of.  

2. Have a Morning Routine.
I wake up, drink a cup of water, wash my face with my all-time favorite products (Mario Badescu) and sit down to read and journal. I really aim to lessen how often I look at my phone in the morning so I do my best to stay off of social media until I leave the apartment for the day. If you haven’t already, check out the screen time portion of your iPhone. You can limit when you are able to get on certain apps. I have found this helpful for staying present with my friends and family and starting my morning off on a positive note. Finding a morning routine that works takes time. Try different things and edit as needed. It’s going to look different for everyone! 

3. Do things you love. PERIOD.
Workout. Get a facial. Eat good food. Travel. Hang out with your friends. Watch “trash” TV. There is time to grind but there is also time to let it all go--catch me watching the bachelor, eating cheese fries, and booking last minute trips to Bali. Work is good, success is awesome, and eating healthy is important. However, balance is even better. Find a happy medium and don’t be too hard on yourself.

4. Be Generous.
I know money is stressful. Especially in a city like NYC when a box of cereal costs $9.00. Truthfully, the best way I’ve found to not let the stress of money own me is to let it go. Give to the people in your life who need it, buy someone a coffee, and support a friends small business endeavors. Find a non-profit your passionate about and give, even just a little. I’m not saying to be irresponsible, I’m just saying it pays to support other people. It takes the stress off of yourself.