Behind the Scenes: How I Met Our Head of Design

Four years of high school, fours years of college, and four years of ‘real world’ experience under my belt, you’d think I’d know a thing or two. Yet, somehow, my only truly refined skill is ordering an awesome late night spread at the diner. Unfortunately, this does not translate well when working with factories to manufacture bags.  I can’t just tell a factory manager my ideas and hope a bag will appear at my door in 3-5 business days.

Naturally, I turn to my very own FIT graduate, my Grandma, for some assistance. We sit together with an existing bag I bought, a measuring tape, scissors, paper, and masking tape with our end goal being the creation of the Infinity Bag. Three hours later, we managed to completely transform the bag into what looked like a tent, complete with paper walls and a shabby roof stuck together by masking tape. But, it was a physical object representing my ideas and more than I had before.

Unfortunately, the factory manager did not see my vision as clearly as I did and thought it would be better if I could provide a digital tech pack using a computer aided program…I don’t have this program on my computer, or positive what “this program” even refers to.

After a few minutes of Googling “computer aided tech packs” and essentially getting nowhere, I knew it was time to find someone with a background in handbag design to help guide me through these early stages of development. I broaden my google search to “handbag designers in NYC” and come across one of the greatest and most helpful websites- One click and I was connected to thousands of freelancers who could literally do anything for me.

After perusing through the list of virtual personal assistants and imagining how awesome my life would be if I had someone at my beck and call, I reel it back in.  I browse through a couple resumes and portfolios and finally come across the perfect candidate. It’s 2:30am and I’ve never exchanged one word with Yudhisty, but given her experience at Tory Burch, Calvin Klein, and Coach, I know she’s my girl. My vision quickly starts becoming a reality and I know Yudhisty and I are going to shake up the fashion fitness industry.