A Peek into Nutritionist and Realist Hailey Gorski’s Life

Hailey Gorski is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the creator of The Tipsy Kale. The Tipsy Kale is her virtual practice where she helps women with their diets and helps them steer away from restrictive diets. She wants women to be able to live their best life while still being able to achieve their health goals.

During quarantine, Hailey Gorski has been busy trying all new things. Besides from the new tik tok obsession everyone started in the past few months, she has also started journaling. “Before quarantine, I was waking up at 5am, going to my clinical rotations, studying or attending class at night, and sharing recipes and nutrition tips on my blog. I felt like a walking zombie,” Gorski said. Quarantine gave her time to slow down and take time for herself. “Journaling has been my favorite way to check in, reduce stress, and manifest my career goals,” Gorski said.

While being stuck in the house, she has still been making sure she gets dressed for the day. “I usually wear a pair of white shorts and cute pink top!” Gorski said about her work-from-home look. She likes to get out of her pajamas in the morning in order to start her day!

Morning routines are especially important to her because she feels that it sets the mood for the day. She fills her morning with lots of movement. “I usually wake up around 7:00-7:30, throw on my workout clothes, and walk to Starbucks to pick up a cold brew with stevia and a splash of milk,” Gorski says about how she starts her day. She always does pilates after that and lately she has been loving Bailey Brown’s pilates workouts. After drinking cucumber mint spa water and her overnight oats, she slows down a little. “I read a page from The Daily Stoic and journal 3 things I'm grateful for, a reflection on how I'm feeling, what would make today great, and a mantra!”

Hailey says preparation is key to being able to stick to your health goals! “On Sunday, I schedule 5 days of workouts on my google calendar and include links to the workouts,” Gorski says about her weekly preparation. Although many people love meal prepping, she prefers something called “ingredient prepping”. She likes this better because it allows her to have flexibility and switch up her meals. “On Sunday, I cut and roast vegetables, cook ground turkey, and grill chicken so they are ready to go during the week,” Gorski says. Sundays are definitely the best day to prep for the week!

Staying focused while working from home can be difficult, but Hailey seems to have it down! “I prioritize the top 2-3 tasks that I want to get done for the day. I keep it very simple to allow space for creativity,” Gorski says. She also always keeps her cucumber mint spa water near her so that she does not get dehydrated! Another thing she does to stay focused is, “identify the stimuli that distract her from work.” After she identifies the stimuli that distract her, she will try to remove them. For example, she often turns off her phone.

Her favorite instagram account right now is Julia from @smarterinasec. “She shares fascinating stories and facts that will make you the most interesting person at the party (...er zoom party!) and uses her platform to discuss important social and world issues,” Gorski says about her instagram.

When it comes to skincare, she is a firm believer in primary prevention. “I love serums and masks, but I believe that healthy skin starts with sun protection,” Gorski says. Sunscreen is the one thing she cannot live without. She loves the Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50 because, “It smells like rosemary - not the beach - and is perfect for everyday!”

Lately, she has been binging the Harry Potter movie series because you can never go wrong with Harry Potter! Her favorite trend has been lounge sets! She says, “It can't get better than a cute outfit that already matches!” I think everyone could agree on that!

The TIpsy Kale is a unique branding about weight loss because it allows you to maintain your normal life while still being able to achieve your health goals. “A common misconception about losing or maintaining weight is that it requires giving up dinner or happy hour with friends,” Gorski says. However, she explains that when you resist these activities in order to lose weight, the weight will come right back on once you resume said activities again. “I help my clients break free from the restrictive mindset and learn how to honor their health goals with healthy and sustainable habits and behaviors,” She says.

Hailey Gorski loves to pack her GDD bags with all of her necessities. She packs her bag with sunscreen, chapstick, stevia packets, her snake pattern mask, and an IQ bar. What do you put in your GDD bag?

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