A Note from Our Founder: Hannah Fastov

If you started your day off with your sports bra somehow intertwined with your work laptop, your water bottle upside down slowly dripping into your bag, and shamefully forgetting a clean pair of socks for your day following early morning spin, then we already have a lot in common!

My name is Hannah Michelle Fastov. I am a young urban professional living the dream in the big apple. Currently, “living the dream” means having Tasti D- Lite once a week for dinner, only letting myself get that second special sushi roll every other week, and limiting my lunch salads to 4 veggies, 1 protein and an occasional premium topping, but only on a Friday. I clearly have some work to do before I’m really livin’ the dream.

Despite the restraints on my trendy eating, I still live an exciting, chaotic and often overwhelming life. I am constantly on the go and perpetually have a lot of stuff with me. While technology and the “athleisure wear” trend has made this modern lifestyle a bit easier and more comfortable to endure, I still need a bag that can hold all the stuff my lifestyle requires: work files, computer, dirty laundry, shoes, and, of course, outfit options for my post workout day or night activities.  Let’s be real, it’s a toss-up if I’ll be feeling good after kickboxing and ready to rock my skinny jeans or still feeling that Saturday night pizza and opt for the flowy dress.

Having purchased countless gym bags, tote bags, and luxury handbags, I felt unsatisfied with my extensive assortment of bags, which accompany me through my hectic work weeks and activity filled weekends. So, rather than continue to whine and spend money on new bags, I decided to develop my own. First, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just the disorganized, mess running around NYC my mom claimed me to be, so I took a few months to research my target customers. I analyzed the behaviors of myself as well as friends, colleagues, and fellow NYC healthy hustlers. Apparently (and thankfully), I was not the only one in need of some organization and was provided with a lot of super interesting insights into what women want. POCKETS, and lots of them!!

It became my mission to create a fashionable yet functional athleisure (as cool the cool kids call it) bag for the modern on-the-go woman. I began designing, sourcing materials and manufacturers, developing a brand, contemplating my need for investors, and writing business models.

It’s been an crazy, exciting, and scary few years, but I am proud of how far Go Dash Dot has come and cannot wait to see where it GOes.