A note from our Founder, Hannah!

It’s been two years of blood, sweat, tears, fun, and a lot of love over here at Go Dash Dot. But here we are and I am so excited about the launch of this new Holiday collection. We all know too well if you LOVE something, you will buy It, regardless of the practicality. But I am here to give you more. So for this collection, I dug into our customer ‘suggestion box’ to really give the people (YOU!) what they want. And that is smaller bags. Go Dash Dot bags should be an extension of you; keeping you organized, ready for anything, and of course, fashionable. NOT an untamed beast you have to lug around with you just to get through an ordinary day.

 This collection is a nod to the more traditional handbag and backpack shapes offering the appearance of your classic bag silhouettes, but outperform them, obviously :) . In addition to our signature shoe or yoga mat compartment, machine washable laundry pouch, water bottle holder, and snap in snap out pouch, we did change some things up a bit. Your snap in snap out pouch can now be worn as a crossbody OR a belt bag! Face it peeps, the fanny is back and one of the most practical bags in the game. Even my fiancé agrees…(he stole one of our F19 protos and will NOT give it back…#sneakpeack)


My other favorite new feature is in the backpack. There is now a zipper on the back-right side that goes directly into the body of the bag. I don’t about you, but regardless of how prepared and ready to go I think I am, there is always that ONE thing I forget to throw in my bag and love the easy access to the inside without having to take off my backpack, unzip the whole thing… you get it.


Finally, the fabric. Completely water resistant. Just watch below and see for yourself.

So here you have it, the Holiday collection. I know you’ll love it!