A Look into Rec Room’s Co-founder’s Daily Routine

Val Young and Dre Taylor Lindsey are friends and co-founders of a company called Rec Room. Rec Room is an active wear company that is focused on making sure you feel comfortable in your clothes. Val and Dre started the company because they believe that you are your best self when you are feeling comfortable and confident. 

Not only does their idea of comfort translate into their clothing, but they also try to build a sense of comfort in their social presence. As a woman-owned and black-owned business, “[they] created a homegrown initiative called 1% for racial justice, so that a percentage of [their] profits go to environmental and social justice causes”. 

Throughout the pandemic, they have not been able to connect with their customers in person. They hosted many pop ups last summer which were so much fun! Now they can only connect online, which Val says she loved, but she misses in person moments with the customers. 

Dre loves to start her morning with a walk, usually to her local coffee shop. Since she had her baby, her mornings look a little different and she now brings her baby with her to the coffee shop. She loves sitting on the benches outside of the coffee shop with her iced decaf americano with extra ice and oat milk! She says that she gets to meet lots of new people. The other day, “[she] connected with a woman whose baby is the same age as my baby, and her husband owns a moving company, and now he's the one moving us to our new house next week!”

It is important to Val that she finds a way to move daily because it helps to keep her happy and healthy. Lately, she has been running by the water in San Francisco, using her sister’s peloton, or going on a bike ride. Even on her busiest days she says, “I can usually at least sneak in a neighborhood walk with my husband and young son to stretch my legs”. 

Val has been super into the sourdough game lately and has been loving grilling vegetables! Her husband has always been the main chef in the house, and he helps make sure that they are eating healthy. 

Dre’s typical work-from-home look includes many of her favorite Rec Room staples. “I usually grab the muscle tee because I like the boxy shape, and I'll pair it with bike shorts”. She loves that on zoom calls no one can tell that she’s wearing activewear or even that she may be a little sweaty!

Since quarantine started, Val has been taking care of her 1 year old full time. While she has been busier than usual, she has still been able to restart her hobby of reading before bed. She says it is, “a great way to unwind and put my phone down at the end of the night”. Currently she’s reading the sci-fi series called Dune!

Val does not watch many shows, but lately she has been binging The Home Edit and the Great British Bake Off. She calls these shows her, “digital xanax'—super relaxing, and my favorite shows to chill out to at the end of a long day”. 

Dre has been loving the skincare brand called Acure which they carry at Whole Foods. She especially loves their eye cream which she says helps with under eye redness. She has been using Tata Harper’s clarifying cleanser which she says is, “just the right amount of tingly”. She also loves the Mario badescu blemish treatments because since having a baby, her hormones have been off.

Dre loves the instagram account @reductress because it gives her a good laugh. She also loves the instagram account @kidcadaver. She says, “i love this account because I studied civil engineering in college. Artist/designer Olalekan Jeyifous reimagines public spaces as more equitable urban design and architecture”. 

Rec Room’s lounge sets have been one of Dre;s favorite trends lately because they are so easy to throw on! She has also been super into the chunky headband trend because she hates to wash her hair (don’t we all!) 

In any good bag, Dre says that she NEEDS pockets. The easy tote has so many pockets and compartments for storing things. She is able to carry all her chapsticks and creams in this bag!

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