Summer is about to be in full swing and there is no reason to stay home, especially if you have a Go Dash Dot bag. In case you need some additional convincing, here are 6 reasons we think you NEED a Go Dash Dot Bag this summer: 
1. Fact: the weekly migration to the beach is never pretty or graceful. But we got you covered. Stash a bottle of rose in your bottle holder, keep calm, and carry on. 
Backpack with Rose

2.  When you’re supposed to have summer Fridays, but your workload is saying otherwise ... Fear no more. The padded laptop section will keep your computer safe as you transform the beach into your 'new office' 

Weekender bag with three pairs of shoes

3. When it's time to pack up for a weekend away,  we all all know what happens... you pull out heels AND cute sandals AND sneakers when you know you'll just end up wearing flip flops all weekend long.  But don't kid yourself- you know they're all coming with you. That's OK- the separate shoe compartment in our weekender will fit them all! 


4. You book one hotel room for 8 girls. We've all been there. Luckily, Go Dash Dot bags are water resistant, flexible, and easy to clean. So you can keep your tote, or backpack,  tucked away and out of the way! 


5. Inevitably you end up heading home for a weekend to spend quality time Laundry pouchwith the fam. You know what that means- MOM DOES YOUR LAUNDRY! The machine washable laundry pouch perfectly fits all your dirty socks and underwear so your can fully bask in some of your momma's TLC! 










6. You never thought it would happen to you, and finally, it does - YOU FIND SUMMER LOVE! The snap in snap out pouch is the perfect accessory for a romantic evening out on the town!

Snap in Snap out pouch