Kyle Axman

Kyle Axman

New York, NY

Full-Time Instructor at Flywheel and FlyAnywhere (at-home product)


While teaching indoor-cycling full-time, I also pursue an acting career, and still try to make time for my own training and hobbies. My dash dot bag has a special compartment for every facet in my daily grind. I use the zippered bottom section for my spin shoes, the machine washable laundry bag for my sweaty post-class outfit, and the snap-in-snap-out pouch for my microphone and laptop charger! In the main compartment I keep a nice outfit for auditions and in the padded laptop section i keep my headshot/resumes as well as my laptop which i use for all my class playlists. In the front zippered pouch i keep protein bars, deodorant, dry shampoo, phone charger and headphones. One underrated feature that i absolutely LOVE is the double water bottle holders, one for water (gotta stay flydrated), one for my vegan protein shake to keep me fueled throughout the day. Dash dot is the first bag i've found that literally has a place for EVERYTHING in my life, and i still have room for that emergency hoodie or umbrella!

Instagram: @kaxman