Allison Mathis Jones

Allison Mathis Jones

Atlanta, GA (but my hubby plays basketball so we're ALL over the place ALL the time)

Wife, blogger/influencer, online ESL teacher


I'm Allison Mathis Jones, a basketball wife, curly girl, brain tumor survivor, and self care advocate on a journey towards becoming the best me I can be by pursuing spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellness. By sharing my experiences, I hope to inspire others to invest time and energy in their relationships, mental health, and overall well-being. I'm a to-do list writing, perfectionist, plan-a-holic, control freak with zero patience. That being said, I deal with chronic anxiety. Self-care and faith in God have helped me to begin to cope with my anxiety, which explains why both are such an important part of my personal journey. Besides my husband and our 5 year old puggle (pug-beagle), Nas, I am in love with skincare products and all things athleisure. I love when stylish, comfortable, and practical collide, which is why I am such a huge fan of the Go Dash Dot brand and what it's all about.

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