Handwoven Strap Black/White

$118.00 118.00

In Bhutan, the traditional garb for women is the gorgeous Kira dress tied closed by the Kera belt. We have partnered with Sherab, a Bhutanese native,  to transform her intricately handwoven Kera belts into beautiful additional handbag straps. The perfect alternative for any of our bags or snap in snap out pouches. Each strap is a true labor of love and majority of proceeds go directly to Sherab to help fund her children's' education. 

-Measurements: 27.5 – 52.5 in. 
-Handwoven in Bhutan
-Colors may vary slightly

How do I clean my bag? We recommend spot cleaning with water first. If you need more than that, wash on a gentle cycle and hang dry.

Is my bag water resistant? IT SURE IS! Our nylon material is water-resistant and lightweight, and won’t let you down when you need it the most.

Can men wear Go Dash Dot? Meet our inspiring ambassador, Kyle Axman. He is the definition of a Go getter and proudly rocks our backpack every day. Need we say more?

What do I do with the extra strap included with every bag? Really, it is up to you! We suggest you attach it to the snap-in, snap-out pouch to transform it into a crossbody bag. Or attach it to the larger tote (or even backpack) to create a messenger bag, leaving your hands free.

Where are the bags made? All Go Dash Dot bags are designed in New York City and produced by our insanely talented partners in Vietnam. Go Dash Dot is a New York City based company founded in 2016.