In The Beginning

Hannah Fastov

Founder & CEO

Shortly after graduating from The George Washington University and starting her career in the fashion industry, Hannah Fastov quickly learned that ‘adulting’ requires a lot of stuff. After months of searching for the perfect carryall bag that could hold her gym clothes, extra shoes, phone, wallet, keys, change of clothes, laptop, snacks, lunch, makeup, keep it organized and look professional but fashionable, it became apparent this perfect bag did not exist. While working in product development at Brooks Brothers and rag & bone, Hannah decided to use her newly acquired skills to design and manufacture her own line of bags and Go Dash Dot was born.

What’s Go Dash Dot Mean Anyway?

It comes from the language of Morse Code. And Morse Code itself is universal and easily translatable – just like our bags. We selected the sequence  - - . - - -  for our name, which signifies the word GO.
We design bags that combine fashion and function for women who love to work, work out and go out. This 24/7 life has a name: Go Dash Dot.

Thank you for supporting our female-founded company and other women-led businesses. Together, we have the power to shape and transform our communities. Through our purchasing power and the leadership and employment opportunities we offer as business owners.

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